The Alaska Chamber is dedicated to improving the business environment in Alaska. The Chamber represents hundreds of businesses from Ketchikan to Barrow that share a common goal: to make Alaska a viable and competitive place to do business. Through legislative advocacy, communications and publications, membership benefits and services, and special networking events, the Chamber continues to expand economic opportunities for all Alaskans.

Voter Resources

Legislative Tracking

  • HB 6: Employment Preference for Vets & Spouses Read More
  • HB 2: Overtime Exemption for Student Practicums Read More
  • HB 1: State Arctic Policy Read More
  • HB 31: Controlled Substances and Workers' Comp Read More
  • HB 32: Workers' Comp: Controlled Substances Tests Read More
  • HB 37: Energy Resource Price Gouging by Refiners Read More
  • HB 46: Workforce Investment Board Veteran Member Read More
  • HB 68: Electronic Distrib. of Reports Read More
  • HB 87: Timber Sales Read More
  • HB 114: Workers' Compensation: Death Benefits Read More
  • HB 115: Transfer Federal Land to State; Disposal Read More
  • HB 118: Muni Energy Improvement Assessments/Bonds Read More
  • HB 119: Leg Approval of Bristol Bay Sulfide Mine Read More
  • HB 178: Workers' Comp Medical Fees; Delay Read More
  • HCR 3: Endorsing ANWR Leasing Read More
  • HCR 10: Maritime Workforce Development Read More
  • HJR 6: Federal Contamination of ANSCA Lands Read More
  • HJR 7: Oppose Aleutian National Marine Santuary Read More
  • HJR 9: Endorsing ANWR Leasing Read More
  • HJR 10: Oppose ANWR Wilderness Designation Read More
  • HJR 13: Retain Army Forces in Alaska Read More
  • SB 2: Employment Preference for Vets & Spouses Read More
  • SB 5: Restitution: Property & Income Loss Read More
  • SB 6: Eliminate Daylight Savings Time Read More
  • SB 10: Price Gouging Involving Energy Resources Read More
  • SB 12: Paid Sick Leave Read More
  • SB 16: State Arctic Policy and Reports Read More
  • SB 32: Timber Sales Read More
  • SB 57: Clean Air Act Plan Read More
  • SB 66: Passenger & Rec Vehicle Rental Tax Read More
  • SJR 10: Oppose ANWR Wilderness Designation Read More
  • SJR 11: Declare Central Park a Wilderness Area Read More
  • SJR 13: OCS Oil & Gas Exploration/Development Read More